Media Release Waiver

Media Release and Waiver

Because I value my child’s/ward’s involvement in the Quintissimo program, I hereby grant to Quintissimo and any employees, agents, licensees and assigns of Quintissimo the absolute right and permission to use, re-use, publish and re-publish photographic portraits or pictures of my child/ward or in which he/she may be included; to use re-use, in whole in or in part, his/her name, voice, image or likeness, as well as any recording, soundtrack, film, or footage in which his/her voice is used or his/her image and voice appear. Such pictures, recordings and footage may be taken or made during the academic year of the Quintissimo program, by or for Quintissimo for use in any and all media worldwide in perpetuity, for any and all legal purposes, including advertising or promotion of or for Quintissimo, without further payment or notice to me. I also consent to any modification, alteration, distortion, blurring or optical illusion of the pictures, recordings or footage and their use in composite form or in conjunction with any other matter or material, service, product or sponsor. I waive any claims for defamation or invasion of privacy for any use of the pictures, recordings or footage, and I further consent, acknowledge and agree that Quintissimo is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights in and to the pictures and all negatives, photographs, images and reproductive product however created, related to, arising out of, or in respect of the pictures.