Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Quintissimo being held?

Quintissimo will launch its inaugural year in September 2023 at Prince Edward Collegiate Institute.

How much does the program cost?

Thanks to various grants, sponsors, and donations, the program is free.

Do you need to attend PECI to register in Quintissimo's program?

No you do not! We just ask that you be on time for the start of our program, which begins at 2:45pm.

What hours does Quintissimo run?

Quintissimo will run its program from 2:45pm-5:00pm weekly on Wednesdays. Quintissimo follows the school calendar - if school is running, our program is running!

Why aren't there more locations?

Quintissimo's long term goals include adding more locations and more instruments until we can service the entire Hastings & Prince Edward District. If your school is interested in hosting us, please contact us at

Can I choose my instrument?

Eventually we would like to offer an instrument choice. For our pilot year, students between the ages of 6-7 will be given a cello, and students between the ages of 8-9 will be given a flute. All students enrolled in the program take part in percussion ensemble.

Is it just group lessons?

While our program is ensemble based, Quintissimo's programming allows for flute and cello instructors to give one-on-one biweekly lessons to the students enrolled in the program.

I'm an older student. How can I participate?

We are always looking for volunteers for our program! Contact us at if you'd like to volunteer for us and add to your community hours.

How many students are in a class?

For our first year, we are limiting class numbers to 10 students per class. We will only be accepting 20 students total in the 2023-2024 school year.

Is Quintissimo a registered charity?

Not yet! We are currently operating as a non-profit. We have applied for our charitable status and hope to receive it by the end of 2023.

How can I help?

We are always looking for volunteers to lend a hand! You can also support our program by sharing our social media posts and our website to prospective students. Lastly, we are always grateful for donations, which allows our program to run. If you'd like to make a donation, please click the "donate" button below!